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Solving common faults of industrial oven

Some common problems in industrial ovens, some people will not know how to solve them. Let's take a look at the solutions by Kenton Instruments.

1. Plug in the power and turn on the power switch device, no response
If the electric heating tube is burnt out, the resistance value of the two ends of the electric heating tube can be measured with a multimeter "ohm". If the resistance value is 0, it means that the heating wire is short-circuited, and it shows the total jump of the brake; When the heating wire is fused, it will open.

* The power switch insert is off.

* The power switch is on, you can check the control circuit board and the corresponding connection line.

2.the temperature cannot rise

* Check whether the timing time has reached the timing setting value; ★ Most users do not understand this function. When the timing time reaches the timing value, the heating tube does not work, the fan does not rotate, causing no heating, and the temperature does not go up.

* Check whether the fan is running. If it is damaged (you can use a multimeter to measure whether there is 380V voltage at the two ends of the fan pin), then notify the company to mail the accessory to solve it.

* Check the circuit control board, use a multimeter to measure whether there is output, and check according to the drawing; (the drawing is attached).

3. The motor does not run

The result: there is heating, but the air volume of the liner cannot be circulated, causing the temperature to rise slowly, then notify the company to replace it.

4.the control panel shows that the temperature is different from the mercury thermometer in the oven

Judgment premise:

1. The thermometer should be measured after passing the inspection by the inspection department.

2. Measurement and installation position of mercury thermometer: Please hang the thermometer in the center of the inner cavity, and can not be placed directly on the shelf for measurement.

* The solution can refer to the attached parameter adjustment table.
The function parameters are shown in the table below

Each function parameter change may change the control effect. It will automatically return to the standard mode without pressing a key within one minute. Some function parameters may not be changed.

5. The temperature display appears to jump or stand still, or abnormal such as "□□□"

* It can be judged that there is a problem with the temperature sensor and it can be replaced and solved.

  Remarks: The sensor adopts E-type platinum resistance, and the wire ends are two blue and one red.

The above is the content of the common fault resolution of industrial ovens. Welcome to communicate with the factory.

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