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Will there be a prompt when the temperature of the constant temperature and humidity incubator is too high or too low?

The working principle of the constant temperature and humidity incubator is to be located in the chamber temperature sensor and humidity sensor to feel the actual temperature, humidity into an electrical signal, the microcomputer to control the work of the heater or refrigeration compressor, so as to achieve the desired temperature; control humidifier work to achieve the desired humidity.

Before use, fill the tank with enough pure water, because the chamber has the function of low temperature automatic frost, during the low temperature automatic frost, the temperature and humidity will have some fluctuation is normal. Most of the humidity chamber (such as the Kenton LRH series) have low temperature protection, when the measuring temperature < low temperature protection, turn off the humidification and humidification, and the low temperature light is on. When the measured temperature > set temperature + over-temperature alarm, the chamber alarm light is on, cut off the heating protection relay, turn on the cooling, there will be a buzzer sounding. If you buy a chamber without an alarm, you can contact the manufacturer. Do not install them yourself, as the technical requirements are difficult.

The above is the constant temperature and humidity incubator high and low temperature tips situation, hopefully it helps you. Welcome to communicate with Kenton!

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