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Application of High temperature air blast drying oven

Recently many manufacturers know that the High temperature air blast drying oven orders are more and more, which is closely related to the melt spray cloth, now the mask industry meet is to ask "your family do melt spray cloth".

Melt spray cloth, a filter material made from polypropylene as the main raw material. It is mainly used in masks and is called one of the most important processes of masks. In order to produce melt blown fabrics with filtering, shielding, thermal insulation and oil-absorbing properties, melt blown dies are required, and for the manufacture of melt blown dies, the processing of filament-jet micro holes is a key challenge. Demand for melt blown die head molds soared, and a series of chain relationships led to a rise in demand for High temperature air blast drying oven.

The lower part of XCT series of High temperature air blast drying oven is equipped with stainless steel finned high-temperature resistant heating pipe, the left side is equipped with air blower device, the temperature gauge controls the temperature is constant and high and low, the air flows in through the air inlet hole at the bottom of the box when working, the high-temperature resistant heating pipe is heated and then flows into the studio through the air blower device, then discharged through the air outlet at the top of the box. Between the studio and the shell with fiberglass as insulation material, the shell is made of steel plate, oil injection treatment box surface, the studio is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel plate.

Recently, the supply of High temperature air blast drying oven orders is less than the demand, if you need to buy, please consult in advance.

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