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What kind of motor is needed for a long time use drying oven?

Long time use of the drying oven, the motor requirements are relatively high, then, do you know what kind of motor needs to be matched with the long time use of the drying oven?

Comparison of circulating air motors

As the circulating motor is mainly used in the environment of wide temperature range, so there are high requirements for the motor bearing and heat dissipation, for the motor that needs high temperature resistance is generally equipped with high temperature bearing, comes with a heat dissipation fan and faster heat dissipation cast aluminum housing. Unlike conventional motors in the market, our motors need to be redesigned according to the parameter requirements of each series of products, such as structural power parameters, so as to meet the operating requirements at different ambient temperatures.

DHG series hot air oven is equipped with high-temperature bearing as standard, with its own cooling fan and cooling structure design. Convoy industrial oven AS series Industrial drying oven is equipped with fast heat dissipation cast aluminum housing and high temperature bearing.

Tip: It is recommended to choose the drying oven with good heat dissipation and high temperature bearing for using the drying oven with high set temperature or long time use.

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