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What are the convenient features of a mildew incubator?

The mildew incubator can provide a stable temperature environment, a wide temperature range, as well as refrigeration and heating functions. Meet the cell, microbial culture, maintenance, plant planting and other tests and testing.


Although the 
mildew incubator is difficult to use and operate, but do you know what are the easier and more convenient functions?

1. LCD micro controller of mold incubator with diagnostic function, the actual display of various working conditions storage including history of operation and various sections Temperature and humidity data.

2. Product control and cooling system maintenance, the lower part of the incubator is equipped with electrical control components and door handle integration instrumentation with the completion of the (a).

3. Electrical control components master control and studio cavity separation, especially the refrigeration unit and electrical control output parts, are installed in the chamber body Lower part for easy maintenance and repair of the equipment.

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