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What are the advantages of a digital constant temperature drying oven?

Constant temperature drying oven, usually with pointer and digital display, or LCD control laboratory. The most common is the digital display type. Then, what are the advantages of the digital display constant temperature drying oven?


1. can be timed, compared with the pointer type constant temperature drying oven, the digital display can choose the length of time, timing is accurate.

2. Can reduce temperature fluctuation and reduce temperature flush. And the pointer type does not have this function. 

3.Durable and long-lasting. Digital control laboratory are not easy to break, very durable, and some can even be used for several years or even more than ten years.

Some of the drying ovens of Kenton laboratory use digital display, and some of them use pointer type, and pointer type laboratory is only used for general use. And can accept fluctuations within a certain temperature range, so testing experimental industries are not recommended. If there are conditions, try to choose the digital display type constant temperature drying oven.

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