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How do vacuum drying ovens connect vacuum pumps?

Method of connecting vacuum pump with vacuum drying oven and precautions:
According to the volume of the vacuum tank, the corresponding power of the vacuum pump, the customer should buy separately. In general, a 1-liter pump is required for 20-50 liters, and a 2-liter pump is required for 90-130 liters.
1.Preparation work before starting the pump.
Connect the pump to the oven and lock the pipe mouth with a lock.
There are two types of vacuum pumps: those that need to be filled with oil and those that don't. Please make sure before using the pump. If you need to add oil, open the oiling valve of the vacuum pump, fill the oil tank with the special oil for the vacuum pump issued by the factory to the marked oil level; open the suction valve and discharge valve of the vacuum pump.
Open the suction valve and discharge valve of the vacuum pump. ③ Open the pumping gear and the suction switch of the vacuum drying oven.
2.Open the pump: When everything is ready, you can start the pump, the pointer or number of the vacuum oven will start until the required negative pressure, then turn off the pump, if the pressure is too high, you can use the valve to release air for fine adjustment. If the pressure is too high, the pump can be fine-tuned by venting with the valve. The electronically controlled valve can control the vacuum degree automatically without manual operation.
3.Stop the pump.
① Turn off the vacuum pump power switch first, then close the stop pumping switch valve on the vacuum drying oven.
You can adjust the heating system of the vacuum drying oven and operate according to the drying oven process.
6. The vacuum pump cannot pump vacuum.
1) The bleeder valve is not closed on the panel, solution: close the bleeder valve.
2)The vacuum valve on the panel is not open, solution: open the vacuum valve switch.
3)The vacuum pump suction pipe is not connected, solution: pick up the vacuum pipe and connect the pipe.
4)oven door is not closed tight, solution: close the oven door, adjustable glass after 4 screws to adjust the tightness
5)oven door sealing ring is broken, solution: replace the sealing ring
6)The vacuum gauge on the panel is bad, solution: replace the gauge.
7)Vacuum pump failure, solution: replace, repair vacuum pump

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