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Can an alcohol lamp be used on a clean bench?

Some laboratory workers, often discuss a problem: alcohol lamp should be used or not in clean bench.

There are many different views on this.

positive side:
First of all, the purified air in the clean bench is blown from the top to the bottom, and its heat can form convection, which can form a sterile area locally to prevent microbial infection. Secondly, the disinfection effect of alcohol lamp can not be ignored: the generated high temperature can eliminate cells and avoid cross contamination of cells; disinfection of used straws in the ultra clean table is also necessary, because ultraviolet rays can not 100% eliminate microorganisms
nagative side:
In fact, the use of alcohol lamp will cause air convection, which will bring dust on the ultra clean table, but increase the chance of pollution. What's more, it also increases the risk of fire.
In fact, there are reasons for the above discussion. The JH series ultra clean worktable of Kenton instrument has sterilization function. The germicidal lamp starts to irradiate and sterilize the working area. Generally, the germicidal lamp is turned on for about 30 minutes before operation to kill all bacteria and viruses. 

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