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Comparative analysis of constant temperature sink and constant temperature water bath pot

The two products, constant temperature sink and constant temperature water bath pot both have different scope of use.
Constant temperature sink (CS series) :it is the ideal constant temperature equipment for research institutes, colleges and universities, engineering laboratories and quality inspection departments. High-quality stainless steel plate and precision mechanical processing technology manufacturing; temperature control device adopts high stability computing troubles song atmosphere and double-integral high-precision A / D conversion technology; far-infrared heating technology design, magnetic stirring, product thermal balance time is short, small temperature fluctuation, good uniformity.
Digital display water bath pot-HH: Low temperature cycle sink-DC for medical and health care, medical school inspection and laboratory and industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for constant-temperature auxiliary heating; with high-precision sensor temperature control system, digital display, accurate and reliable; stainless steel liner, corrosion resistance, spray plastic shell is beautiful. It is mainly used to precisely control a certain temperature of the sample to be heated, so as to compare different samples under the same temperature-controlled environment, or different states of the same sample under different temperatures.

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