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What are the similarities and differences between a drying oven and an incubator?

For Kenton series GX drying oven and PX incubator, there are actually many similarities, but also different differences. The following is to let you know more about them.
The constant temperature drying oven is widely used in drying process, sterilization, constant temperature storage, heat treatment and other fields, and is the basic supporting equipment of the laboratory and scientific research units.
The constant temperature incubator is suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms and other industries, and is a necessary equipment for healthcare, biology, agriculture and research experiments.
Common points.
GX thermostatic drying oven and PX thermostatic incubator all adopt the international advanced cavity preheating technology, which can meet different temperature requirements and provide a constant temperature environment, with Pro-Insulation TM heat insulation technology to ensure the smooth conduct of the experiment and culture of the sample, microcomputer PID control technology integrated LCD dot matrix large screen LCD display, Chinese or English can be selected. Display, all parameters are displayed at a glance.
All of them can provide IQ, OQ, PQ in Chinese/English, and can provide various verification services. All units are CE certified and have a 2-year warranty in accordance with Australian AS/NZS3350 standards.
In addition to the appearance, there is a big difference mainly in the parameters.
The temperature control range (℃) of the drying oven is room temperature +5 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, the temperature control range of the incubator is room temperature +3 ℃ ~ 65 ℃; temperature uniformity drying oven 2% (50 ~ 240 ℃ range), the incubator ± 1 ℃ (3 ~ 50 ℃ range).

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