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How do I know if a biochemical incubator meets the standards?

The production of biochemical incubators is required to meet national requirements, so how to determine whether the biochemical incubator meets the standards? Let's talk about it here from technical performance.
Working temperature: ordinary type: 4~50℃, low temperature type: -10~+50℃.
Temperature fluctuation: +-1°C (in refrigeration operation), +-0.5°C (at other operating temperatures).
Temperature homogeneity: ≤2.0 (at 37°C), less than or equal to 3.0 (at other operating temperatures).
Cooling time: ≤60min
Rising time: ≤60min
The above regulations are based on the ambient temperature condition of 20°C. The biochemical incubator is designed for constant temperature culture and sample preservation. The biochemical incubator is intended for constant temperature culture and sample preservation, and the technical performance requirements are the embodiment of the normal work of the biochemical incubator. According to the above biochemical incubator standards, it is very important to select the product.

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