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Does the Microbiology incubator have humidity control?

The Microbiology incubator is suitable for cultivating mold and other eukaryotic microorganisms, because most molds are suitable for growth at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius), and a certain level of humidity needs to be maintained when cultivated on solid substrates, so the general Microbiology incubator is humidity controlled.

The Microbiology incubator is composed of cooling system, heating system, air humidifier and incubation chamber, control circuit and operation panel, and uses temperature sensor and humidity sensor to maintain the stability of temperature and humidity in the incubation chamber.

For the humidity of the Microbiology incubator, the traditional design of using atomized humidifier produces uneven and unstable humidification. The ALLIGENTTM humidification system used by Kenton laboratory avoids the traditional disadvantages. The automatic water supply design and automatic water level control ensure precise humidity addition and control; the inner cavity and water tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the quality of atomization and the durability of the effect.

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