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Low temperature biochemical incubator manufacturer

Biochemical incubator is mainly used for the incubation of biochemical reactions, in order to be able to observe the incubation reaction at its specific temperature, so the door of the biochemical incubator is mainly composed of double-layer vacuum glass, which can effectively isolate the temperature inside and outside the chamber affect each other composition, but also enable the operator to observe the change of reaction outside without destroying the reaction conditions.
Low temperature biochemical incubator is based on the ordinary temperature of the incubator, increase a temperature stage temperature, (0 ~ 65 ° C, -10 ~ 65 ° C, -20 ~ 65 ° C, -40 ~ 65 ° C), mainly refrigeration.
Due to the low temperature, it is easy to cause frost, so generally with defrosting function. When the door of the incubaotor is opened during the test, icing will occur inside the working incubator. The frost function is good to avoid the failure of the biochemical incubator function, or too low temperatures leading to damage to the culture.

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