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What is the air cleanliness of the ultra-clean bench?

Air cleanliness level is the clean space unit volume of air, to be considered greater than or equal to the particle size of the maximum concentration limit for the classification of the level of standards, China's air cleanliness level standards are divided into: 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, and ultra-clean bench cleanliness level cleanliness: 100 (international ISO14644.1 standard CLASS 5 ).
The normal flow of airflow in the purification area is an important factor to ensure the purification effect, and it is strictly forbidden to install it in the place which is easily affected by the outside airflow.
The cleanliness level of Kenton laboratory ultra-clean bench is in accordance with international standard, international ISO14644.1 standard CLASS 5 (US Federal 209E, class 100).
Wind speed 0.1~0.6m/s
Noise (dB) ≤62
Vibration half-peak ≤3μm (X, Y, Z direction)
High efficiency filter Efficiency 99.99%
Illumination (LX) ≥300
Whether the installation position of the ultra-clean bench is properly selected will directly affect the use effect and service life. Therefore, when installing the ultra-clean bench, it must be installed in a plant with good sanitary conditions.

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