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How to chose the right oven models

When choosing the model of the oven, you need to pay attention to some points.
1. The products baked. Drying products are not the same, the use of the oven is very different, vacuum oven, electric oven, no blast oven, blast oven, etc.. Different choices for the products that are not used.
2. Use temperature. Different types of ovens, the temperature is different. For example, the temperature of high-temperature ovens can go to three hundred to five hundred degrees, but ordinary types of ovens can only reach about 250 °.
3. The range of the working room. The height, width and depth need to know how much. If the object baked 1 meter in length, but the oven studio size is only 50 cm, it is clear that does not meet the size requirements.
4. Tnternal requirements. Need to configure several layers, trays, how much hole distance, weighing how many pounds, whether you need a cart version or conventional models, etc..
The above is the main points of the selection of the model of the oven, Kenton laboratory has many types of ovens, welcome to contact us at any time .

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