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Microbiology incubator

kenton technology specializing in the production of microbiology incubator,which apply to environmental protection,medical, drug testing,agriculture,animal husbandry, aquatic products,health and epidemic prevention,laboratory,etc..There are special equipment for the BOD determination of water analysis,bacteria,biochemistry,microbial culture,plant cultivation,breeding.It can simulate a variety of environmental conditions by constant temperature and humidity incubator control function.

Microbiology incubator

SH series Microbial incubator
Microbiology incubator

International leading refrigeration technology,auto-defrost function,Manual control, energy saving and environmental protection,imported Dupont tm SUVA®R134 a environmental refrigerant.For cleaner world;Perfect air circulation system to ensure temperature stability.

Can provide a stable temperature environment for the cultivation of cells and Microorganism, preservation, plant planting and so on to test.

Is special thermostatic equipment for analysis of the BOD determination of water,environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug control, livestock, aquatic products and other scientific research department.

  • 610×490×390 / 760×510×390 / 1100×510×450 / 1050×600×640 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature +0℃ - 65℃
  • Intelligent control / over time alarm / timing / ultraviolet sterilization

Price $:1738.00-2916.00

WS-MJ series Cooled Incubator
Cooled Incubator

Microcomputer intelligent control,Liquid crystal display,Chinese and English subtitles; built-in multifunctional memory menu;ultraviolet sterilization for sterile culture;Imported sensor accurate temperature control; high efficiency isolation technology to ensure the consistency of the indoor and outdoor, easy to clean, convenient to maintain, high security.

Simulate various climatic conditions,especially used in samples tests,shelf life tests,long-term experiments and cultivation of plant,seed and microorganisms.

Suitable for scientific research,pharmaceutical,foodstuff,materials science,cosmetics,tobacco,microbe,chemical industry,electronics and other fields to used.

  • 757×508×389 / 1088×508×449 / 1052×601×639 / 757×508×389 / 1088×508×449 / 1052×601×639(mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 0-65 °c
  • SUS304 stainless steel inner / Imported materials / intelligent digital control / ultraviolet sterilization / temperature constant

Price $:2975.00-4742.00

SPX-MJ series cell culture incubator
cell culture incubator

Quality compressor with delay protection function;without fluorine refrigerant high efficient,more energy saving;reasonable air duct circulation system ensure uniform temperature;magnetic door seal,ensure excellent sealing.UV sterilization lamp make sure bacteria-free culture.

Environment protection,medical,drug testing,health and epidemic prevention,livestock,aquaculture and other scientific research and other department recommend to used.

Analysis of the BOD determination of water,Special thermostatic equipment for bacteria,biochemical,microbiological culture protection,plant cultivation, breeding experiment.

  • 500*400*320 / 580*450*380/ 800*500*380 / 1000*550*450 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 5-65°c
  • Stainless steel / intelligent digital control /over temperature alarm / timing / UV sterilization

Price $:825.00-1124.00

LRH-MJ series bacteriological incubator
bacteriological incubator

without fluorine balanced refrigeration,reasonable duct circulation system,make sure temperature uniform;intelligent digital control assure  constant and accurate of temperature and humidity;large-capacity humidifier;with UV sterilization lamp,make sure bacteria-free culture.

With constant temperature and humidity control function,it is a based equipment for environment protection,medical,drug testing,health and epidemic prevention,livestock,aquaculture and other scientific research and college departments.

Recommended the use of biological engineering and water analysis,Industrial performance test field etc.

  • 580*450*380 / 800*500*380 / 1000*550*450 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 0 - 65 °c
  • stainless steel inner / UV sterilization lamp / intelligent control / liquid-crystal display / over temperature alarm / timing

Price $:1499.00-1900.00

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