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Thermostatic incubator

Kenton technology specializing in the production of thermostatic incubator,which is require constant temperature and thermal insulation for microbial culture industry.It's necessary equipment for medical and health,biological, agricultural,laboratory and scientific research.The laboratory incubator recommends users with high requirements for the constant temperature environment.Imported industrial grade PT100 temperature sensor,the temperature changes when the step changes in the fast response time,the natural temperature of small.

Thermostatic incubator

PX series Thermostatic incubator
Thermostatic incubator

Advance chamber preheating technology low energy consumption, not easy to be lost;Perfect air circulation system;microcomputer control,humanization design,Can set password,Wide time setting,Operation with voice prompts;Original imported temperature sensor to reduce the impact of natural temperature.
Is a necessary equipment for microbial culture.

This product is for the medical and health, medical industry, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural science and other departments as
the research and production of bacterial cell culture, breeding, fermentation and so on.

  • 350×350×350 / 450×450×350 / 550×550×450 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature +3℃ - 65℃
  • CE safety certification / LCD screen / isolation insulation technology / sound and light alarm

Price $:857.00-1314.00

303 Thermostatic incubator

DNP series Thermostatic incubator
DNP series thermostat incubator

Precision LCD screen,microcomputer control;with standard international brands cooling fan;perfect duct design and advanced chamber preheating technology durability;stainless steel inner ,anti-acid,anti-corrosion;up and down pitch adjustable shelf.

It is a necessary equipment for the cultivation of microorganisms in the laboratory of health care, biology, agriculture and scientific research.

Modern high-class laboratories to use,suitable culture temperature environmental with higher requirements for users.

  • 380×380×350 / 480×480×350 / 600×600×450(mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 5-65 °c
  • Intelligent digital control / constant / RS 485 computer interface / carbon fiber / maintenance-free

Price $:421.00-795.00

303 series Thermostatic incubator
303 series thermostat incubator

Easy to watch the goods in the inner chamber with integrated window,circulation fan reduce temperature contrast and fluctuation,super inner chamber sealing,chamber shelf can be adjust.

Is the laboratory equipment for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug control, livestock, aquatic products such as scientific research, education and production department used.

Suitable for routine experiments and bacteria,  fungus and other cultures to use, can provide a constant temperature environment.

  • 250×250×250 / 420×360×360 / 500×400×400 / 600×500×500(mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 5-65°c
  • cost-effective / intelligent control / Double layer door / stainless steel

Price $:146.00-243.00

303AS series Electric thermostat incubator
Electric heating incubator

Air duct circulation system and Advanced chamber preheating technology;semicircular studio easy to clean;microcomputer intelligent controller,touch-button set.Can provide a constant temperature environment for routine experiment and culture.

For the storage and biological species cultured and other Scientific research experiment to use,is a cost effective laboratory equipment.

  • 420×360×360 / 500×400×400 / 600×500×500(mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 5 - 65 °c
  • Double layer door / over temperature alarm / timing / constant / intelligent controller

Price $:337.00-627.00

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