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Climatic chamber

Kenton technology specializing in the production of climatic chamber,which can simulate the daytime and night light changes and climate conditions,constant and adjustable temperature.That's the ideal environmental laboratory equipment for biological, medicine,agriculture,animal husbandry,forestry,environmental science and other scientific research departments. Quality compressor with delay protection function;Fluoride-free refrigerant high efficient,more energy saving;Built-in tempered glass viewing window and high -capacity intelligent humidification systems;Unique air circulation to ensure uniform temperature.

Climate chamber

RG artificial climate chamber
climatic test chamber

Reasonable air circulation system to provide an ideal environment effect; double layer door design easy to observe, to provide thermal insulation performance; three-dimensional lighting source make the illumination more uniform;TM ALLIGENT humidification system simulation of different climate; stainless steel mirror to improve lighting effect; constant temperature compensation.

Simulate the day and night light changes and climate conditions, to meet the multi segment ladder programming controlled; can be long-term culture experiment.

Suitable for  biological tissue,cells culture,plantculture, small animals and insects feeding to use.

  • 1100×480×480 / 1100×540×520 / 1148×554×610 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature  with illumination 10~65 / with no illumination 0~65 / accuracy ±0.1℃

Price $:4321.00-5336.00

PQH climatic test chamber
Climate chamber

Quality compressor with delay protection function;without fluorine refrigerant high efficient,more energy saving;built-in tempered glass viewing window and high -capacity intelligent humidification systems;unique air circulation to ensure uniform temperature.Simulate natural climate and environment,day and night, control temperature and humidity,is an ideal environment test equipment for such as biology,medicine,agriculture and animal husbandry,forestry,environmental science research departments.

Cultivation,bacteria,culture and preservation of microorganisms,small animals and insects feeding and so on.

  • 800×500×380 / 1000×550×450 / 1000×580×600 (mm / internal dimension)
  • 10~50 ℃ with illumination / 5-50 ℃

Price $:1856.00-2959.00

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