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Shaking incubator

kenton technology specializing in the production of shaking incubator,which provide medical and health, medical school inspection and testing as well as industrial and mining research unit constant temperature heating.The constant temperature shaking incubator is particularly suitable for biological contrast experimental culture with stepless speed regulation,universal spring test bottle rack and smooth operation without spray.

Shaking incubator

SHZ series incubator shaker
Shaking incubator

Mining enterprise,scientific research units for thermostat auxiliary heating;health care,inspection and test of medical colleges.

Digital precise control temperature,mechanical timer,when the oscillation is working,no waves splash,universal spring trial bottle rack,stepless speed regulation,stainless steel inner.

  • 400×300 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 5-100 ℃

Price $:676.00-879.00

THZ incubator shaker
incubator shaker

Health care,inspection and test of medical colleges,industrial and mining enterprises,scientific research units for thermostat auxiliary heating.

Precise temperature control,digital display,mechanical timer,stepless speed regulation,universal spring trial bottle rack,stainless steel inner.

  • 400x360 / 450 x400 / 920 x500 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 0-65 °c
  • SUS304 stainless steel inner / Imported materials / intelligent digital control / ultraviolet sterilization / temperature constant

Price $:2975.00-4742.00

XYZ series blood shaking incubator
blood shaking incubator

This product is suitable for hospital transfusion, health and epidemic prevention, blood tank for special thermostatic equipment of platelet preservation.


  1. Microcomputer temperature controller,LCD display,”setting temperature”and “actual temperature”dual display,clear and intuitive;
  2. Forced air convection design,to ensure that the temperature in the box is uniform;
  3. Super high temperature/low alarm,non normal power off alarm;
  4. With a change of air holes,to ensure that the air is fresh
  5. Working room with UV sterilization function;
  6. Has the function of auto-defrost;
  7. Angle observation window,the work of the box at a glance;
  8. Liner is made of stainless steel,easy to clean;
  9. Box insulation material using polyurethane foam,effective isolation of the external environment temperature effect
  10. Closed compression unit,with a small noise,high cooling efficiency.
  • 530×590×390 / 820×590×390 / 950×1090×390 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature +15-35℃
  • Microcomputer temperature controller / high temperature / low alarm / UV sterilization / steel steel inner

Price $:825.00-1124.00

HNY incubator shaker
incubator shaker

Can provide medical health,medical colleges to test and industrial and mining and scientific units for constant temperature auxiliary heating.

Provide Chinese/English IQ,OQ,PQ and a various of confirmation services.

CE certification,two year warranty period.

  • 500×3/500×28 (mm / internal dimension)
  • room temperature + 4~50℃

Price $:3819.00-4553.00

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