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Stability chamber

Kenton technology specializing in the production of stability chamber which apply to electrical and electronic products,the basic environmental procedures,the product of high temperature and low temperature test.It's the ideal choice for laboratory testing equipment that have excellent performance and good reliability.Imported parts,excellent performance,good reliability,with a wide temperature,humidity control range.Drug stability test box apply to pharmaceutical companies on drug failure assessment, accelerated test and long-term test, pharmaceutical pharmaceutical GMP certification,drug stability test ideal equipment.

Stability test chamber

KG drug stability test chamber comprehensive
stability test chamber

Create a scientific method for the evaluation of drug failure for a long time to stabilize the temperature, humidity and light environment,apply to pharmaceutical companies to the evaluation of drug and new drugs accelerated testing and long-term trials,high humidity test and strong light exposure test.

  • 760×510×390 / 1100×510×450 / 1050×600×640(mm / internal dimension)
  • Temperature: -10~65 ℃ / 0-60 ℃ / Humidity: 50%-90% ±2%RH

Price $:4920.00-8122.00

KL strong illumination stability test chamber
stability chamber

Strong illumination stability test chamber for pharmaceutical companies to evaluation of drug failure,accelerated testing and long-term trials of special equipment.

  • 760×510×390 / 1100×510×450 / 1050×600×640(mm / internal dimension)
  • Temperature: -10~65 ℃ / 0-60 ℃

Price $:4585.00-7060.00

KD Drug stability test chamber

Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry and other industries, the electronics industry and all including life sciences related industries with painstaking research. Is the pharmaceutical industry stability field of test system, the main simulation environment and climate in the temperature, light test.

  • 760×510×390 / 1100×510×450 / 1050×600×640(mm / internal dimension)
  • Temperature: 0~65 ℃ / Humidity: 40%-95% ±2%RH

Price $:4119.00-6477.00

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