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The temperature humidity test case does not cool the cause

   Temperature and humidity test chamber is an important system refrigeration system, also known as the cooling function, its operation is heavily dependent on compressor, so the compressor is the main core part, constant temperature and humidity box when the customers in the use of constant temperature and humidity box down not bottom ask situations thought is the compressor problem, in fact, now by the technician small make up analysis of the temperature and humidity test chamber is not cool what problem, to solve the fault of the masses of users.
   Analysis of 1: if the temperature and humidity test chamber failed to determine the cause of the problem of high and low temperature can't cooling, combined with the control process of test chamber to further confirm the cause of the problem, the test case has two sets of refrigeration units. The two sets of units work simultaneously in the early stage of the temperature maintenance phase, while the two sets of units still work simultaneously. When the temperature is initially stabilized, the auxiliary unit stops working and the main unit is used to maintain the temperature stability. If the main unit is leaked, the cooling effect of the main unit will not be effective. As the two units work simultaneously during the cooling process, the temperature is not stable and the cooling rate is reduced. In temperature stage, once the auxiliary units to stop working, and the main unit and no cooling, test the air in the cabinet will slowly rise, when the temperature rises to a certain extent, to cool the control system will start the auxiliary unit, the temperature dropped to near the set value, then auxiliary unit stop work, and repeat.
   Analysis 2: constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature suddenly in use process in addition to fit, should observe whether the operation process of refrigeration compressor in the test chamber can start, in the process of the compressor to run in the environmental test chamber can be started, instructions from the main power supply to the compressor electric circuit is normal, no problems electrical system. The electrical system of the temperature and humidity test case has no problem and continues to check the refrigeration system. Firstly, the exhaust and getter pressure of the two groups of refrigeration units are lower than normal, and the suction pressure is in a state of vacuum, indicating that the refrigeration unit of the main refrigeration unit is insufficient.
   Using the hand to touch the exhaust and suction line of the compressor of the main unit, the temperature of the exhaust pipe line is not high, and the temperature of the suction line is not low, which also indicates the lack of refrigerant for the main unit.

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