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How to improve the uniformity of temperature and humidity of hot air oven?

1. Improve the air flow structure of the drying oven:
The index of "temperature uniformity" of drying box mainly depends on the structure of air flow. The drying box usually USES a single duct structure to organize the airflow, which is mainly derived from the centrifugal fan system. In this structure, the design of the casing design and the guide plate of the centrifugal machine is the key to determine the index. So we first redesigned the volute in strict accordance with Archimedes screw principle. The air flow of the volute outlet can be uniformly blown over the heater to ensure uniform air supply. In addition, a corresponding improvement is made to the air outlet and return air inlet of the guide board, which can increase the air volume of the return air inlet as much as possible, and increase the wind pressure and wind speed of the outlet. Allow air flow to circulate evenly throughout the work chamber.
2. Determine the best position of the heater:
The heat emitted by the heater can be brought into the working chamber evenly by the air flow, which is the key to ensure the uniformity of the indoor temperature of the cabinet. Therefore, it is very important to determine the best position of the heater. After repeated experiments, the ideal position of the heater was determined, and the technical indicators in the box were improved effectively.
3. Improved specimen shelf:
The air flow structure of the single duct is doomed to pass through the specimen shelf. The general drying oven has at least two shelves, and the special requirements are even more. The shelf in the past is made of plate punching and bending. However, in order to ensure its strength, the aperture density of the shelf cannot be too large, which leads to the excessive resistance of the air circulation and the uniformity of the temperature from the surface. The shelf is changed into steel wire structure to solve this problem.
4. Improve the locking device of the gate:
The drying oven of 400 degrees and above is of high temperature, and the material is deformed when heated. The past hot air oven door is to use single point lock, but at temperatures above 400 degrees, after the door deformation door closed lax with enclosure, leading to the gate leakage heat, body on the outside of the temperature on the low side near the door in the working chamber affect the evenness index in the cabinet. We changed the door to double lock, so that the problem was solved. Through the improvement of the "temperature uniformity" index of 400 degrees and above, it has gained many inspirations and accumulated some experience. It is believed that this will play a role in the future design of the drying oven.

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