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What are the advantages of vacuum oven equipment to seize the market

Vacuum oven is an important part of drying equipment, due to its excellent job efficiency and a lot of advantages, in general, vacuum oven equipment drying method is advanced, a wide scope of application, market prospects. The vacuum drying chamber is low in oxygen content under low pressure, which can prevent oxidation and deterioration of dry materials, and can dry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. The moisture in the material can be vaporized at low temperature, and it is easy to dry heat-sensitive materials. Can recover valuable and useful components in dried materials; Can prevent the discharge of poisonous and harmful substances in the dry materials, can become the green type of green drying. Because of this kind of advantages, vacuum oven is more and more widely used.
But at this stage, China's vacuum drying box revolution has not succeeded yet, still needs to work hard. The innovation ability of vacuum drying box equipment manufacturers is generally low, which can introduce new technology of independent intellectual property rights and the poor enterprises of new products, leading to the slow development of drying technology. Knowledge is not effectively into realistic productivity, the drying equipment technology in the field of research and development and the innovation rely primarily on universities and research institutes, dislocation, and the enterprise with knowledge is difficult to effectively into enterprise's productivity.
For domestic vacuum oven equipment manufacturing enterprises, not only from the fundamental on the drying process, to conduct a comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, to develop the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology. It is necessary to further study the relevant knowledge of the new GMP, and further promote the development of equipment towards energy conservation, efficiency and environmental protection.
As a kind of green drying equipment, the market prospect of vacuum oven is broad. Domestic enterprises should accelerate the research on vacuum drying technology, through the industry agglomeration, the formation of industry cluster, spin industry chain, form the production pattern of interlinked, complementary advantages, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, market share for himself made a larger proportion of drying oven.

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