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what aspects of UV aging test chamber need to notice

Ultraviolet aging test chamber test steps: samples will be fixed in the form of free from any applied stress in the sample rack, each sample should be done is not easy to remove the mark, mark should not mark in the subsequent test area. In order to check the convenience, we can design the layout of the sample. If necessary, the sample was used to test the change of the color and appearance, during the entire test opaque to cover every part of the sample are available, and to compare cover surface and the exposed surface, the exposure to the check sample process is useful. However, the chamber results should be based on the comparison between the sample exposed surface and the control sample kept in the dark.
After the sample is fixed, the equipment should be operated under the selected test conditions before the sample is put into the test box, and the equipment should be kept constant during the test. Exposure should be achieved in the light aging test cases. If necessary, the irradiance measurement device can be exposed simultaneously. It is best to change the position of the sample frequently to reduce any exposed local inhomogeneity. When changing the position of sample, the orientation of sample initial fixation should be maintained. If you need to take out samples for regular inspection, be careful not to touch or damage the surface of the sample. After inspection, the samples should be returned to their respective sample racks or test cases according to their original conditions, and the orientation of the test surface should be consistent with the inspection.
In the course of the test, if the optical dosimeter is used, its installation should enable the radiometer to display the irradiance on the exposed surface of the sample. For the selected band, the irradiance in the exposed period is used to represent the radiation energy of the person in the exposed plane. The unit is the joule per square meter. At the end of the experiment, the test results should be referenced to the relevant industry standards, and the test case should be cleaned.

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