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Can salt fog test chamber be tested with salt?

The salt mist test box is a precise environmental test instrument for testing the corrosion resistance of the product in the case of salt fog. And "salt" is the one that must be used in the test. The most commonly used is the edible salt, so can it be used for testing?
To see if salt can be used for testing, we must first understand how the salt spray test kit works. The equipment has natural environment exposure test and artificial acceleration simulated salt spray environment test. The salt spray test box is a manual test for the corrosion resistance of the product. Compared to natural environment corrosion resistance to salt fog test, test using this device can greatly speed up the test, the natural environment than the test of time saved for dozens of times.
In the case of the salt spray  chamber, which accelerated the corrosion resistance testing process of the product, its requirement for "salt" increased. We usually eat salt contains potassium iodate the ingredients, potassium iodate that impurities will reduce the accuracy of product testing, and it will plug the nozzle, this will reduce the service life of the equipment.
Therefore, edible salt is not also used in the testing of the salt fog test box. It is not necessary to buy the edible salt that can be bought everywhere for convenience, so choose the professional "salt" for testing. The accuracy of the test can be met.

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