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Does the large Humidity Incubator function much?

Large constant temperature and humidity incubator has precise temperature and humidity control system, it provides for the biotechnology industry research test required by the various environmental simulation conditions, applicable to the bacteria, mold, microorganism, biological resistance, tissue cultivation and preservation; Plant cultivation and breeding experiment; Preservation and testing of biological products, medicines, vaccines, blood and various specimens; Quality inspection of goods and parts, constant temperature and humidity test for other purposes.
Product features of large constant temperature and humidity culture box:
1. programmable way, microcomputer technology, can set up the incubator various parameters can choose continuous works or works regularly with excellent control performance and anti-jamming capability, to meet different plant and animal production and all kinds of biological preservation storage needs
2. Second, the microcomputer automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate, the programmable control work, can set a time, temperature, humidity, intelligent constant temperature, and humidity control system, fast response control wet high precision temperature control.
3. Humidification is reliable, the humidity is uniform, the internal dehumidification method is adopted, the performance is good, convenient and reliable, the air duct is ventilated, the wind speed of the workshop is gentle and the temperature and humidity are even.
4. It has the abnormal protection function of super-mild sensor, and has an independent overtemperature protection device to ensure the safety of the instrument and sample.
5. The inner tank of the Thermostatic incubator box is semi-circular., with imported mirror or wire drawing stainless steel, which will never decay.
6. The new intelligent temperature controller is used to control temperature and humidity, and the digital display is clear and intuitive; It has the advantages of strong internal bladder and strong corrosion resistance.

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