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What are the trends in the development direction of the drying oven?

One, several kinds of heat transfer form synthesis application, make it in the different stage of drying various heat transfer form advantage, make the equipment use can more reasonable.
Second, the equipment of the large-scale development: any production has the best economic scale, drying equipment amplifier technology can guarantee the realization of large-scale production, so the equipment research is one of the future development direction of bigness.
Three, drying oven price specialty: drying equipment are standard equipment, it is well known, the reason is the standard equipment mainly deal with the physical properties of materials and product requirements difference is very big, so there is great for sex design drying equipment can play its role, from technology has certain significance to the economy.
Four, multistage and combination drying system development: different types of drying equipment can be applied to materials of different material or can apply different stage of drying, combination drying can maximize the optimization of drying process, make a drying system more reasonable.
Five more, equipment function: now the drum wind drying oven equipment operation is not only confined to dry, sometimes will also be crushing, grading, even heating reaction sets in one machine, greatly shorten the production process, make the multiple functional devices.
It is reported that the current market, low technology products dominate. Increasingly fierce competition requires our enterprises to improve product quality through technological progress, absorbing foreign advanced technology and independent innovation to meet the production demand.
Along with the rapid development of the industry, although the benefits brought about by everybody, but it also brings the environment pollution, the environmental protection consciousness of people is greatly strengthened, drying equipment manufacturing shall be in accordance with the requirements of the high quality, low energy consumption, environmental protection to adjust product structure, further strong in basic research and research and development.

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