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The market demand for incubator is increasing day by day.

The principle of incubator is to apply artificial methods in the box to create artificial environment for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and cells and bacteria, such as controlling certain temperature, humidity, gas, etc. The incubator industry has grown from scratch and grown up in the past few decades. Although China's biochemical incubator equipment industry started relatively late, but relying on the rapid development of China's machinery industry, the market demand of incubator industry is increasing day by day.
The first is the most basic biochemical incubator. Biochemical incubator has two-way temperature cooling and heating system, has the function of the temperature controlled, is biology, genetic engineering, medicine, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry industries such as scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, the importance of laboratory test equipment production unit or department. Its widely used in the cultivation of the bacteria, mould, microorganisms, tissue cells and water quality analysis and the BOD test, suitable for breeding test, plant cultivation and so on, all can produce in order to meet the market supply of our country at present. On this basis, the demand of biochemical incubator equipment in China will increase in the next few years.
Followed by constant Thermostatic incubator, also called water-jacket heating incubator, is used for medical and health care, pharmaceutical industry, biological, chemical, industrial production and agricultural science and scientific research departments for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation and other temperature test instruments and equipment. At present, in the biological laboratory, in order to obtain more accurate experimental data, the temperature test environment is strict. Therefore, for the laboratory, the function of the incubator is very important. It has a great influence on the research process and the results of the laboratory. In the field of biology, agriculture, fisheries, constant temperature incubator also play an important role, in the process of industrial production, it can directly produce products and keep the workshop temperature environment, so as to help related industrial production work, occupy a pivotal position in industrial production.

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