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Can ordinary drying oven replace vacuum oven?

Industrial products mature production cannot leave the small measurement experiment in lab, in the case of unable to determine the scheme is feasible is not used directly for industrial production, some material is vacuum drying oven need laboratory experiment, and have no such equipment in the lab, can use other common drying oven replace it?
First of all, the experimental effect depends on experimental process and experimental instrument, the equipment needs to be have a vacuum drying oven experiment result is certainly have a certain influence, we need to consider that how to minimize this impact, must be divided into several situations do consider.
Is the first case: the vacuum drying oven is used to speed up drying purpose, in this case, we just make sure the drying rate of sample almost can, if the sample is heat-sensitive is higher, we need to keep in dry sample temperature them for it, you can use the hair dryer to accelerate drying.
The second is: laboratory vacuum drying oven is used for special purposes, such as easy oxidation drying, flammable and explosive or is the use of sample size to change shape, so this time must want to use laboratory vacuum oven, could borrow a borrowed from a friend, or economic condition permits can buy a laboratory model, if the above methods are not feasible, and can make on their own, such as even a large pipe by using a vacuum pump bottle, in the branch pipe carry a small tube of product in the bottle. The vacuum pump is pumped up to the water bath, which is similar to the DIY of a super small real empty box, of course, the operation must pay attention to safety, to prevent accidents.

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