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The process of drying oven is not effective, which causes it.

1. Set the drying temperature first: heat is the key to open the joint force between the water molecules and the wet polymer. When the temperature is higher than a certain temperature, the attraction between the water molecules and the polymer chains will be greatly reduced, and the water vapor will be carried away by the dry air. Solution: the machine sets the temperature suitable for the logistics drying of the product.
2. Dew point: in the dryer, first remove the wet air and make it contain very low residual moisture. Then, by heating the air, it reduces its relative humidity. At this time, the steam pressure of dry air is low. By heating, the water molecules inside the particles get rid of the binding force and diffuse the air around the particles. Solution: don't put too much in it.
3. The drying time of the constant temperature drying oven: in the air surrounding the particles, the absorption of heat and the diffusion of water molecules to the particle surface will take a certain amount of time. Therefore, resin suppliers should specify the time required for a material to be effectively dry at the appropriate temperature and dew point. Solution: extend the drying time properly.
4. Air flow: the dry hot air passes the heat to the particles in the drying bin, removes the moisture on the surface of the particles, and then sends the moisture back to the dryer. Therefore, there must be enough airflow to heat the resin to the drying temperature and maintain the temperature for a certain period of time.

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