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How to eliminate the noise in the operation of vacuum oven

1. The noise emitted when a large amount of gas and oil is discharged from the impact oil baffle and other parts. If the parts are not rigid, or are not fastened, the vibration and impact will be increased. Therefore, the oil deflector should not only have sufficient rigidity and fastening, but also can avoid the impact noise caused by vibration and improve the oil retaining effect when contacting with other parts.
2. Noise inside the membrane vacuum pump. When the micro-vacuum pump inhales, the air inlet and the valve cavity produce violent pressure fluctuations. The pressure fluctuation of the gas is radiated from the intake port in the form of sound waves, forming the air inlet noise. The exhaust air is rapidly flowing through the exit to produce sound waves to form the exhaust noise. The higher the speed, the greater the pressure, the greater the flow, the greater the noise. This kind of noise can not be eliminated completely, improve pump body design, can play the role of noise reduction.
3. The impact noise of the exhaust valve disc of rotary vane vacuum pump on the seat and supporting parts. The amount of gas inhaled is large, the pump has a lot of circulating oil, the noise of the valve is larger, the area of the valve is large, the valve disc noise is large, and the disc material has some influence. The noise of the rubber valve is better than that of steel or laminate. To this end, to limit the amount of oil, the valve should be closed timely and strictly.
4. The echo and bubbles in the vacuum oven are cracked. The noise will increase when the echo and bubble bursts increase in the box. Therefore, the noise will be significantly increased when the air is in or out of the air. If the volume of gas is adjustable, the volume of gas can be adjusted reasonably.
5. The rotation of rotary vane vacuum pump produces noise from the impact of the cylinder wall, the residual capacity of the pump and the pressure oil in the exhaust gap. The structure of the inlet and outlet should be separated by a garden arc. Eliminate the dead gap with the exhaust guide slot.
6. The motor is also an important source of noise.
When there is a noise problem in the vacuum drying oven, the user can check and solve the problem according to the above situation, but it is more necessary to contact the manufacturer.

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