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What are the principles of Humidity chamber?

Constant temperature and humidity box when model climate has the repeatability, reproducibility, can be measurement and control, exclusive and safety reliability of the five principles, focus on the first one is also a key to a choice of principle:
The repeatability of the environmental conditions provided in the constant temperature and humidity chamber industry is guaranteed by the national metrological verification department in accordance with the verification procedures established by the national technical supervision agency. Therefore must demand environment test equipment is to be able to meet in the verification regulation of various technique indexes and precision index specification requirements, and on the use of time is not exceed the time limit stipulated in the verification period. If you use a common electric vibration table in addition to the need to meet the exciting force, the technical indexes such as frequency range, load capacity, also must meet in verification regulation of lateral vibration acceleration ratio, mesa uniformity index and degree of harmonic distortion precision requirements, the use of and after each test cycle should be 2 years, more than two years, you must again after verification again until qualified can be put into use.
And a constant temperature and humidity box environmental testing devices may be used for the same type of product testing for many times, but a tested engineering products may also be in different environmental testing equipment to test, in order to ensure that the same products in the same environment as described in the test specification test under the condition of the comparability of the test results, it must require environmental testing equipment repeatability is provided by the environmental conditions. That is to say, the stress level of the environmental chamber applied to the tested product is consistent with the requirements of the same test specification.

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