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Share the cleaning technique of thermostatic vacuum oven.

Vacuum drying oven is now widely used in biochemistry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, medical and health care, environmental protection, and other important areas, is one of the most commonly used as a powder drying, baking, vacuum deaeration, vacuum dehydration and disinfection and sterilization products. The cleaning period of the constant temperature vacuum oven is 72 hours. If placed for a long time, please thoroughly clean the inner surface of the tank with pure water before drying. Always pay attention to the problem:
1. Open the drain valve and rinse it with drinking water until it is colorless. Rinse it with pure water.
2. If there are stains on the inner wall of the drying oven, wipe clean without stain with a towel, and rinse the water with drinking water until it is colorless, and then rinse it with pure water.
3. Dry the effluent with a towel and clean it with pure water and then close the door to open the steam drying reserve.
4. After the daily production, drying cabinet appearance and pipeline thoroughly wash with detergent, reoccupy water scrubbing of the cleaner, drying equipment and pipe appearance, and confirm that has been cleaned.

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