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Digital display vacuum oven can shorten the powder drying time.

Digital display vacuum drying oven with timing function of digital display microcomputer temperature controller, temperature control precise and reliable. Vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat sensitive, easy to decompose and easy to oxidize. It can be filled with inert gas in the interior, especially in some complex items. Widely used in pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical industries. The door closure can be adjusted, the whole molding of silicone rubber door sealing ring to ensure high vacuum in the box.
The vacuum oven shell is made of steel plate and welded. The shell surface is coated with high strength electrostatic spray coating, and the film is smooth and firm. The studio is made of carbon steel or stainless steel plate, and the workshop is filled with insulation cotton. The interior of the studio is equipped with a test shelf, which is used to place various test items. The outdoor wall of the work is surrounded by a mica heater.
The advantage of digital display vacuum drying oven technology is that the vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be expelled, so the vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat sensitive substances. It is safer to use - in a vacuum or inert condition, completely eliminate the possibility of thermal explosion of oxide. For non-dry samples, such as powder or granular samples, using vacuum drying method can shorten the drying time effectively.
All kinds of complicated mechanical parts or other porous samples are cleaned and used vacuum drying method. Compared with the ordinary drying of air circulation, the powder sample will not be blown or moved by the moving air. Designed for vacuum drying oven drying heat-sensitive display, easy to decompose and oxidative material and design, to internal into inert gases, especially of some compound material can also be a quick drying.

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