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How to prolong the service life of Water bath pot heater tube?

Thermostatic water bath pot is widely used in distillation, drying, concentration and temperature stain chemicals or biological products, for universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units, etc. For precision constant temperature and auxiliary heating.
Thermostatic shaker water bath pot experiments using high frequency equipment, with water-bath water heating tube of the maintenance may be some people more confused, how to maintain heating tube, today I will give you a brief introduction.
First of all is that we are very familiar with heating tube can not dry, hot electric heating tube parts shall all be immersed in the heating medium, avoid heat unhappiness and heating temperature of allowing the damaged electric heating tube. In addition, the connection part should be exposed to the insulation layer or heater of the heater, so that this part should not overheat and be damaged.
Second terminal electric heating tube should maintain clean, dry, and will reduce the insulation performance and the short circuit breakdown, if applications such as chemical corrosion, inflammable, explosive environment, the liquid or gas should be electric heat pipe connection parts with insulation sealing device strict to protection, in case of an accident.
Water bath pot heating tube to use time is long, the surface would gather thicker pipe scale, scale, should be removed on a regular basis, or you will make the electric heat pipe heat transfer performance and the surface heat load of the pipe more than rated allowed.

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