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The history and culture of the industrial development of water bath pot.

Water-bath water in now is a kind of commonly used in laboratory thermostatic equipment instrument, in a long time ago, there is no water bath pot of this kind of instruments and equipment, when that whether this kind of bath equipment from invention and appear, review the history it is easy to see that water bath pot is this kind of instrument and water bath heating method this chemical is a big, if you want to back history existed in ancient Chinese society, but people found in the process of cooking food, use water to heat some food cooked food won't because of overheating and zoom, in modern science and civilization, this belongs to the heating method of a heat transfer medium, this along with our country ancient times the Chinese ancients hundreds or even thousands of years of history, until the last century some chemical physicists in the experimental process for special needs to water bath heating of this special way into equipment technology to invent a now water-bath water equipment, and water bath pot is also now for some items and even chemical drying and distilling the vital role, is an essential tool for analysis of industry, environmental protection, science and education, etc.
Development still water bath as a way of technology in the modern history spawned numerous water bath as the core technology of chemical equipment products, such as water bath pot, water bath shaking table, water bath oscillator, water bath sterilization pot, and so on in water bath for technology to achieve the function of certain instruments for the purpose of invention, from the perspective of the technology development of modern chemical instruments and equipment in both the current and future water bath pot in the laboratory and indispensable to the heating equipment is a kind of conventional equipment, also has the disadvantage of water bath, bath products, of course, that is the heating temperature is limited, because of the characteristics of water makes the most of the highest temperature at 100 degrees, but the advantage at the same time can also lies in its constant for some substances necessary strict temperature control, heating and controllability is very strong, so to speak. As far as the future is concerned, there is more room for shaking water bath products and more space for us to develop and discover more technological development. We still need to develop our modern industry experts!

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