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Heat sensitive and oxidizable? Rest assured with this vacuum oven

Many people tend to produce heat sensitive and oxidizable reactions when drying powdery or granular samples. Vacuum ovens are designed for dry heat sensitive and oxidizable materials, especially for powdered or granular samples. Shortening drying time is often used in biopharmaceuticals, medical services, agricultural research and other fields.

The innovation ability of vacuum drying equipment manufacturers is generally low, and the companies that can introduce new technologies and new products with independent intellectual property rights are less pitiful, resulting in slow development of drying technology. Because of this, vacuum drying ovens will cost more than other ordinary drying ovens. It will be higher.

Kenton is engaged in the production of laboratory instruments and export trade. For many years, it has not provided quality products and services to professional laboratories and scientific research institutions. Hengli Vacuum Oven KZ adopts advanced patented technology such as S.H-TransferTM shelf heat transfer, which makes the inner cavity temperature distribution uniform, and the constant temperature ensures the smooth progress of the experiment. ALLSENSTM microcomputer PID control technology and Pro-InsulationTM insulation technology combined with the original imported industrial grade PT100 temperature sensor, the function of the vacuum oven can be maximized.

Use this vacuum oven KZ to make you dry and worry-free!

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