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Small thermostatic incubator daily using and maintenance

Small thermostatic incubator with heating control of high precision constant temperature equipment, in the use of the process, if you do not pay attention to it will be prone to failure, the following constant instrument to show you the Small thermostatic incubator daily using and maintenance .

1. Do not capsize any drying oven when moving.
2. Do not change the settings frequently during process, it may affect the control accuracy and the life of use.
3. The machine is equipped power switch and circuit breaker,if failure occurs during operation, please cut off the power and check the control circuit if it’s intact, and then check the other parts.
4. Make sure to the door is shut. If the door is not closed properly, the device may not be able to reach maximum performance. When closing the door, do not slam the door to avoid damage of the locking system.
5. Do not use corrosive solution to wipe the exterior in order to maintain the appearance of the device. Please use dry cloth or alcohol wipe to keep the inner chamber clean.
6. When the device is not in use, keep the chamber dry, and cut off the power supply.
7. In order to keep temperature evenly inside the chamber, always check the axial fan in the chamber if it is functioning properly. During the experiment, in order to allow air circulation, objects inside the chamber should not be placed too close and blocking the vent.
8. Do not touch and collide the temperature probe inside, it may cause failure of temperature control.
9. Secure the shelf. Otherwise it may damage the cultures.
10. Do not lean against the glass or apply pressure on the glass, it might cause injury.
11. Do not lean against the door of the device. To prevent tipping of the equipments or equipment damage, personal injury by the damaged door.
12. When failure occurs, please arrange professionals or contact with the factory sales department. User should not attempt to repair or fix it.

Small thermostatic incubator must follow strict operating instructions to ensure safety and extend service life. Failure, maintenance can not be careless, the above is the small constant temperature incubator daily use, maintenance and maintenance of the details.

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