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What are the factors that affect the incubator price?

Incubator, widely used for BOD determination, water analysis, storage strains, mold, microbial culture, scientific research, temperature test, culture test, environmental test and so on. General temperature range in 0℃~85℃, with refrigeration and heating two-way thermostat system, temperature can be controlled, automatic or manual.

 There are many factors that affect the price of incubators. Here, Kenton explains some of the most common factors for you. 

Equipment composition, first of all, temperature control system, pointer, digital or LCD screen, three comparison, LCD price is the most expensive, pointer is relatively cheap; Then, whether there is a microcomputer intelligent PID control technology.
The better material is imported sus304 stainless steel, followed by stainless steel sus202, and finally galvanized. Choose galvanized sheet relative price will be cheaper.
Temperature control range, this can be selected according to their own needs, but usually, the larger the range, the price will be relatively high.
Size, can be imagined, specification is big the material that USES is much, the technology also has certain requirement, custom-made money can compare standard culture box price wants expensive, specific by different businessman manufacturer decision.
Kenton instrument co., LTD., as a incubator manufacturer with 20 years of production history, offers preferential price and complete qualification. With a professional technical engineer team, technical strength industry leader. Its production of a variety of series of incubator, suitable for different customer needs.
The above is kenton instrument for you to explain the impact of incubator price factors.

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