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How a constant temperature and humidity incubator works?

The function of constant temperature and humidity incubator is more widespread, which can be used to test the equipment of material performance under various environments and test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance of various materials. The field of use in environmental protection, epidemic prevention, drug testing, agricultural and livestock, aquatic and other scientific research institutions.
Operating principle of constant temperature and humidity incubator:
The Constant Climate Chamber is converted into electrical signals from the actual temperature and humidity sensed by the temperature sensor and humidity sensor located in the box. The heater or refrigeration compressor is controlled by microcomputer to reach the required temperature. Control the humidifier to achieve the desired humidity.
Constant temperature and humidity box with balanced refrigeration, heating and humidification system at the same time, rapid heat pump frosting technology, customers can be continuous uninterrupted working state. Forced convection, so that the incubator culture to achieve the ideal degree.

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