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What is the function of the shaking incubator and what are its characteristics?

Many people are relatively unfamiliar with the product of shaking incubator, but when it comes to function, it is very meaningful.
The function of the shaking incubator: It can be used as a multi-purpose instrument for biology, biochemistry, cells, etc. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for precision cultivation preparation of plants, organisms, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, medicine.

Product characteristics of shaking incubator:

1. The advanced technology of the single-shaft drive balancing device created by the shaking incubator guarantees extremely low energy consumption and noise.

2. The oscillation frequency can be extended to 30-300r / min in a wide range.

3. Running parameter memory function to avoid tedious operations.

4. AC induction long-life motor design, wide speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed, no carbon brush, maintenance-free.

5. Over-temperature audible and visual alarm function, motor overheating, temperature runaway, abnormal over-temperature instrument automatically cut off their power supply.

6. With power failure recovery function, after the external power supply suddenly loses power and then calls again, the device can automatically resume operation according to the original setting procedure.

7. The acceleration control circuit ensures that the shaker starts slowly and accelerates steadily to ensure the safety of the experimental samples.

8. The oxygen supply hole is opened, and the constant temperature working chamber has sufficient oxygen supply.

9. The universal spring test bottle rack is particularly suitable for the cultivation and preparation of biological samples for various comparative tests.

10. Stepless speed regulation, stable operation, easy and safe operation.

11. The inner cavity is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

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