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The balanced heating and cooling technology of Constant temperature and humidity incubator is explained.

Constant temperature and humidity incubator also known as constant temperature and humidity testing machine, Constant temperature and humidity incubator, constant temperature machine, used to test the performance of materials in various environments Equipment and test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance of various materials. Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, laboratory, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemistry, building materials, medical, aerospace and so on. Product testing quality with.

Constant temperature and humidity incubator adopts advanced balance refrigeration technology, control the temperature change mainly by heating the temperature rise, cooling the temperature drop. Therefore, thermostats have two systems to control temperature changes, one to bring the temperature up to the set point, and the other to control the temperature that cannot be changed. Excessive fluctuations and ideal uniformity are the problems that are solved by the balanced control technology. The cooling system is started during the cooling process and the heating system is also started at the same time, and the program controls the proportion of time between the two to balance the adjustment. Heating and cooling capacity, thereby achieving both cooling and minimal impact on fluctuation uniformity. Balanced technology can also effectively solve the frost problem caused by the continuous operation of the evaporator.

Kenton full temperature series are equipped with balanced technology as standard, internationally famous brand compressor, DuPont R134A environmental protection refrigerant. Size manual switch to meet extreme testing requirements of high temperature and low humidity, low temperature and high humidity. With thicker copper tube and evaporator, the refrigeration system is more durable and better cooling effect.

Some models of Kenton 
Constant temperature and humidity incubators are equipped with balanced technology, while the conventional models are equipped with domestic brand compressor and R134A refrigerant.

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