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101 digital display type constant temperature drying oven detailed description

101 series constant temperature drying oven, there are pointer type and digital display type, and now the digital display type of constant temperature drying oven is introduced.
Components: the fever wire of the Constant temperature drying oven is at the bottom, and the blast device is at the left side, when working, the air flows in from the air inlet hole at the bottom of the oven, and the fever wire is at the left side. Wire heating and then through the blower device into the studio, and then from the top of the oven exhaust hole discharge (one exhaust hole). There is fiberglass insulation material between the studio and the shell, the shell is made of steel plate, and the surface of the oven is treated with oil injection, in order to facilitate observation. The door part is made of tempered glass observation window.
Parameter part: working temperature °C: room temperature +5 ~ 300; fluctuation °C: ±1%; working voltage AC ( V ). 220-380V.101-4/101-5 models use 380V three-phase four-wire 4mm2 power cord.
Use: Put the sample on the shelf, close the door, unscrew the exhaust cover on the top of the oven, connect the power supply, open the electric switch, blower switch. The use of selective heating fast and slow, and then set the temperature control instrument on the desired temperature, when the oven began to heat up, until the temperature is constant, it should be Set the heating mode to the "slow" mode to ensure uniformity of the temperature fluctuation and the temperature inside the oven.

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