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Common laboratory applications for incubators

Incubator applications are common in laboratories, and the lack of incubators in laboratories is somewhat meaningless.

CO2 incubator: in vitriol culture of cells, like in viva culture, needs to be produced in a stable environment and is generally suitable for The growth temperature is over 20 degrees. If you need a Thermostatic incubator with precise temperature control, CO2 incubator and constant temperature and humidity incubator are the better choices.
Thermostatic incubator: For general plant and insect culture, you can choose water-separated or transistor type automatic temperature control incubator. Ordinary Thermostatic incubator can meet the requirements of cultivation, and the price is also relatively cheap.
Mold incubator: Mold incubator with ultraviolet sterilization function, suitable for the cultivation of mold and other eukaryotic microorganisms test equipment, because of Most molds are suitable for growth at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) and need to maintain a certain level of humidity when incubated on solid substrates.
Biochemical incubator: There are normal temperature biochemical incubator (room temperature +0-65°), and low temperature incubator (-10℃, -20℃, -20℃). ℃, -40 ℃), can store agents that need to be frozen to maintain biological activity as well as those that need to be stored for a long time, such as enzymes.

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