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characteristics of PX series Thermostatic incubator

thermostatic incubator is a necessary constant temperature equipment for microbial culture. It is recommended for research and production of bacterial cell culture, breeding and fermentation. The PX series of electric constant temperature incubator is a high-end product of Kenton instrument. It adopts three-dimensional heating and three-dimensional circulating air duct. In addition, it has many characteristics in structure. Let's introduce it to you.
LCD PID control,
brand accessories:
Original st bidirectional thyristor, Philips control chip from Holland and optocoupler from Taiwan
304# stainless steel interior
motor fan: High temperature bearing with cooling fan
304# ss heating element
Door sealing material: silica gel + magnetic suction
Other features: remote network monitoring, computer interface, adjustable wind speed, Allheat inner chamber preheating technology, Allflow air flow technology, allsens temperature control technology, isolation and insulation technology.

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