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laboratory biological safety cabinet

Biosafety cabinets are widely used in different fields: scientific research, teaching, clinical testing and production. This kind of safety equipment adopts a large number of unique design and construction, providing the best safety protection for the environment, operators and experimental objects.

Composition of biosafety cabinet:

High efficiency filter: G series is equipped with ULPA ultra high efficiency filter with efficiency of 99.999%, and D series with HEPA high efficiency filter with efficiency of 99.995%.

Cabinet structure: external 1.2mm cold rolled steel, white epoxy resin baking paint; internal 1.0mm 304 stainless steel.

The biosafety cabinet can be divided into three types: Grade I, II and III. according to the inlet airflow speed, exhaust mode and circulation mode, the secondary biosafety cabinet can be divided into four levels: A1 type, A2 type, B1 type and B2 type. Different types of biosafety cabinets can be selected according to the needs of the laboratory. Hengli instruments currently have A2 and B2 series.

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