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What is the difference between vacuum drying oven and blast drying oven?

The main functions of vacuum drying oven and air blast are drying, sterilization and constant temperature storage. So, in what case should vacuum drying oven or air blast drying oven be used?
The difference between them: the principle is different. The air in the blast drying cabinet circulates, while the vacuum drying cabinet needs to be vacuumized.

If the water is easy to evaporate, such as utensils and instruments, it is recommended to use a blast drying oven; The materials are not easy to be polluted in the drying process of vacuum drying oven, so it can be used in drug drying, package sterilization and heat treatment. The working process is a box-type drying equipment that dries dry materials under negative pressure. Before drying, a vacuum pump is used for pumping and wetting, so that a vacuum state is formed in the working chamber, which reduces the boiling point of water and accelerates the drying speed.

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