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Can high temperatures in industrial ovens cause distortion and discoloration?

Industrial ovens are used for industrial baking, and the items baked in them are industrial products, such as baked hardware, baked plastic, baked lamp beads, etc. Some people find signs of discoloration and deformation in industrial ovens, but in fact, it is because of the temperature and the material of the liner.

Some people find signs of discoloration and distortion in industrial ovens, but it is actually due to the temperature and the material of the liner.

150 degrees within the industrial oven belongs to the conventional oven, conventional then, the basic cold-rolled plate on it, 304 stainless steel liner is for the cleanliness of the liner as well as high temperature, less than 150 degrees, the liner 304 stainless steel industrial oven for a long time to use basically will not change color, unless there are other gases to react.

If the temperature exceeds the specified range of use, it is possible to deformation discoloration.

The industrial oven must be connected to an external exhaust pipe when used as an exhaust vent. Most glues, paints, and baked goods will have some harmful gases produced at high temperatures, which can be hazardous to human health.

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