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How to set CO2 concentration in CO2 incubator?

The CO2 incubator mainly controls 3 basic variables related to the simulated in vivo environment: stable CO2 level, temperature, and relative humidity. co2 concentration setting is a very critical step.
First, take a look at the diagram of the control panel.
Press the CO2 concentration key "Cset", the controller enters the CO2 concentration setting state, the controller CO2 concentration window displays the CO2 concentration setting prompt "SP" on the bottom row, and the CO2 concentration setting value on the top row, the user can modify the parameters as needed. Press the key again to exit the temperature setting state.
Many people will ask, what is the reason that the CO2 concentration in the incubator cannot reach the set value. If you exclude the cause of machine damage, it may also be the problem of the cylinder. When the cylinder pressure is less than 1Kpa should be replaced, the cylinder should be replaced when the cylinder switch off, loosen the pressure reducing valve screw shaft, and then remove the pressure reducing valve to reinstall on the cylinder with carbon dioxide gas.

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