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How can industrial ovens save energy?

Industrial ovens are more commonly used in industry. Energy conservation and emission reduction means saving energy, reducing energy consumption and reducing pollutant emissions. Energy conservation and emission reduction include two major technical areas, energy saving and emission reduction, which are related and different. Industrial ovens how to achieve energy saving?
1. Choose an industrial oven with a thermostat function. Oven with thermostat function, it is not heated at the time of thermostat, but only consumes a lot of electricity when heating.
2. Choose an oven with good insulation, the better the insulation effect, the less heat escapes and the faster it warms up.
3. Develop good operating habits and turn off the main switch when the equipment is not working.
2. Heating drying curing with the appropriate temperature for the product.
3. Set different temperatures according to the temperature of commonly used products.
Industrial oven KH100A power is 4 to 6 KW, if an hour of continuous heating, with 4 to 6 degrees of electricity. However, the actual use of electricity will be less than 4 to 6 degrees due to the oven if it is not continuously heated. This is how industrial ovens can be energy efficient.

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